Deals close due to strong relationships and adequate account coverage. This has been the basics and has not changed even in this hyper-connected world. What has changed, though, is the way relationships are built.

Sellers are considered Rambos and left alone to explore the account, identify stakeholders, and build the relationships. However, selling is a team effort, and so is relationship building.

Bolt Connections is built to overcome this fundamental shortcoming. It not only makes relationships building a team effort but further quantifies these relationships with AI & Machine Learning to provide deep insights.

  • Build the customer organization chart with all the right roles required to close the deal
  • Drag and Drop contacts, understand their buying responsibilities, and auto-log conversations
  • Understand your competition, influencers, and gatekeepers
Key Benefits
  • Leverage best relationships within the sales teams to build personal repot
  • Remove the build spots, and avoid last-minute surprises on objections from new stakeholders
  • Quantify, mature, and commit deals that have the best customer relationships

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