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Carl Patten II | Open Doors

About Client

Open Doors is a non-profit and non-denominational organization that helps and supports homeless people with emergency relief aid. For people on the verge of losing their homes or unable to pay the rent, the organization finds cheaper properties and shelters them for a limited period.

For instance, if a family loses the bread earner due to unforeseen reasons, Open Doors helps them find a rental property. These families cannot afford to pay market rent, and Open Door's property partners can help with the shelter.

Open Doors has built an App that its users and case managers can use to find the properties. Case Managers use Salesforce to create cases for qualified families and work with Property managers to find the right fit property.

The challenges Open Doors faced:

  • Configuring Single-Sign-On (SSO) between its App and Salesforce
  • Creating cases in Salesforce and assigning Case Managers as owners.
  • Configuring Salesforce Community with SSO

The App is built on legacy technology, and the vendor managing the App did not have adequate knowledge due to turnover in team members.


  1. Bolt Today resolved the bug in a week. The team had to debug the App due to the App vendor's lack of support and documentation.
  2. Bolt Today team designed an innovative solution to get around the issue of assigning Cases to the Case Managers with Identify License.
  3. Reports and dashboards were updated for Open Doors executives to get pinpoint visibility.

Bolt Today’s Solutions

Bolt Today team had to go the extra mile to debug Open Doors App and identify the root cause of the SSO problem.

Open Doors needed a strategic partner who could take ownership and solve issues. As a result, they continue to work with Bolt Today for all their Salesforce needs.

Challenges Encountered

  • The Open Doors did not have documentation on its App, and the vendor supporting it had limited knowledge.
  • Bolt Today's team was not knowledgeable in the Open Doors App and the Legacy technologies. It caused the team to spend a significant amount of time learning and debugging the problem.
  • The Legacy integration in Open Doors App to create cases in Salesforce. This integration had hard-coding, which had to be identified and reverted.

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