Project Challenges

The client is the leading provider of enterprise OKR (Objectives and Key Results) to large enterprises. The client has multiple products that help companies better align and motivate their employees. The client wanted to build a simple and easy eCommerce solution that is 100% integrated with Salesforce.

The key challenges were:

  • eCommerce portal that is seamlessly integrated with its website and existing Salesforce.
  • The product data and pricing is managed in Salesforce, and eCommerce portal must auto-reflect the updates and changes, without any additional overheads.
  • Integration with Avalara for accurate sales tax calculations
  • Payment integration with Stripe gateway
  • Auto creation of deals data in Salesforce, and auto-renewal opportunities on contract terms and conditions
  • Reduce the cost of sales for the SMB market.

About Client

Founded in 2013, the client is on a mission to inspire, develop, and activate the modern workforce. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, the client helps businesses to align, develop and activate the workforce for business growth with its Continuous Performance Management software. The Company offers integrated software solutions that replace outdated annual review processes with powerful continuous performance management programs to help organizations to ensure everyone is working on what matters most and are having crucial conversations.

Tapping into the power of conversation – frequent, open conversation used to provide feedback, to reward contribution, to create alignment is at the core of the client products.

Solution from Bolt Today

The client wanted to create an online sales channel for its Team Edition SaaS product. They wanted to roll this out quickly and promote offers based on market dynamics. The cost of sales, especially for the SMB market, was of concern.

The Bolt Today designed and implemented the solution:

  • The created zero-touch buying experience with integration with Avalara for generating invoice and with Stripe for secure payments
  • eCommerce portal and Salesforce integration; create customer accounts, record the deal and provide an easy way to get it integrated with Sage financial system
  • Product pricing, and discounting was controlled through Salesforce to ensure maximum reuse of existing investment
  • Enhanced the Salesforce processes, so all customer notifications and management can be done at one place

The Bolt eCommerce solution was flexible and extensible, so when the client acquired another company enabling their products to be sold online, creating separate Portal could be achieved within days.

Benefits to the Client

  • The additional online sales channel, critically required in this digital eco-system
  • Seamless online buying experience to its SaaS offerings across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia
  • Leverage existing Salesforce investment instead of buying additional third-party products
  • Reduced sales costs

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