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About Client

JustFoodForDogs is a leading provider of fresh pet food, offering whole food, human-grade meals that are gently cooked to ensure superior nutrient absorption. As the #1 vet recommended fresh food, they offer vet-developed recipes that support specific health needs and promote immune system health through extensive research.

With a mission-based pricing approach, JustFoodForDogs aims to make their high-quality products more accessible to pet owners.

Project Challenges

Lack of Customer 360-degree View

Customer service agents had to log in to 5 different systems to access complete customer information, leading to inefficiencies and slower issue resolution.

Limited Customer Notifications

Only email notifications were sent to customers, resulting in damaged frozen items left on the porch and increased appeasements.

Solutions provided by Bolt Today

    Customer 360-degree

  • Bolt Today implemented Salesforce OMS, a comprehensive order management system, to consolidate customer data into one integrated CRM platform.
  • By centralizing customer information, customer service agents gained easy access to complete details about each individual customer, enabling them to offer personalized and efficient support.
  • Customer Notifications

  • Bolt Today introduced SMS notifications for Orders Shipped and Out for Delivery statuses.
  • New notifications were implemented for Order Partially Fulfilled and refund processes, ensuring customers were kept informed at every stage of their order journey.
  • All customer communications were automatically logged and made visible within the OMS, promoting better customer-agent alignment.

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Business Benefits for the Client

Business benefits to JFFD through Salesforce OMS by Bolt Today

    Improved Customer Experience

  • The timely and accurate SMS notifications provided customers with real-time updates, resulting in increased satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Addressing the issue of damaged frozen items through proactive notifications reduced customer dissatisfaction and improved the overall shopping experience.
  • Reduced Appeasements

  • The introduction of SMS notifications and better communication practices minimized instances of appeasements due to customer dissatisfaction.
  • Clear and accessible communication history within the OMS enabled customer service agents to address issues effectively and proactively, reducing misunderstandings and appeasements.
  • Cost Savings

  • Streamlined processes and improved order accuracy reduced the need for extensive manual interventions, resulting in reduced customer service costs.
  • Fewer errors in order processing and tracking led to operational efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Enhanced Order Accuracy

  • The integration of Salesforce OMS with other systems ensured real-time order information and tracking accuracy.
  • Automated processes for partial fulfillments and refunds minimized errors, leading to improved order accuracy and customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, Bolt Today's implementation of Salesforce OMS successfully addressed the challenges faced by JustFoodForDogs. The solutions provided not only improved customer satisfaction and loyalty but also led to cost savings and operational efficiencies. By fostering a seamless and satisfying customer experience, JustFoodForDogs strengthened its position as a market leader in the fresh pet food industry.


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