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JustFoodForDogs is a leading provider of fresh pet food, offering whole food, human-grade meals that are gently cooked to ensure superior nutrient absorption. As the #1 vet recommended fresh food, they offer vet-developed recipes that support specific health needs and promote immune system health through extensive research.

With a mission-based pricing approach, JustFoodForDogs aims to make their high-quality products more accessible to pet owners.

Project Challenges

Delayed Invoicing & Payment from the Customers

JustFoodForDogs faced challenges with delayed invoicing and payment from customers. Customers were charged after the order delivery, resulting in delays in cash flow and processing of refunds for unavailable items.

Tax Calculations

The existing Avalara integration for tax calculations was not working, leading to inaccuracies and potential penalties for charging higher taxes to customers. Accurate tax re-calculation during refunds was also a concern.

No Sales Order to Finance

NetSuite, the finance system, did not receive sales orders, necessitating manual reconciliation at the end of each month. This led to inefficiencies and potential inaccuracies in financial reporting.

Solutions provided by Bolt Today

Delayed Invoicing & Payment from Customers

Bolt Today implemented an automated invoicing system where customers are charged at the order confirmation stage. This improved cash flow as customers were now charged immediately, reducing outstanding balances and enhancing financial stability.

Additionally, the refund process was automated, ensuring that unavailable items were canceled, and credit memos were generated. Service agents could process refunds with just a click of a button, streamlining the entire process.

Tax Calculations

Bolt Today addressed the tax calculation issues by fixing the Avalara integration, ensuring accurate tax calculations. Taxes were now correctly calculated at the kit or component level before order processing. This eliminated the risk of penalties for charging higher taxes and ensured precise tax recalculation during refunds. The accurate tax calculations also contributed to better compliance and cost savings.

No Sales Order to Finance

Salesforce OMS was seamlessly integrated into NetSuite, enabling NetSuite to receive accurate sales orders with essential information, such as order amount, quantity, order level discounts with GL codes, and item level discounts with GL codes. This integration eliminated the need for manual reconciliation, streamlining financial operations, and enabling accurate financial reporting.

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Business Benefits for the Client

Business benefits to JFFD through Salesforce OMS

Improved Cash Flow

The implementation of the automated invoicing system resulted in improved cash flow for JustFoodForDogs. Customers were charged at the order confirmation stage, reducing outstanding balances and enhancing financial stability. This positive impact on cash flow facilitated smoother business operations.

Elimination of Tax Penalties

By fixing the Avalara integration and ensuring accurate tax calculations, JustFoodForDogs eliminated the risk of penalties for charging higher taxes to customers. Accurate tax recalculation during refunds also contributed to better compliance and cost savings, protecting the company's reputation.

Streamlined Financial Operations

The integration of Salesforce OMS with NetSuite transformed financial operations for JustFoodForDogs. With accurate sales order information automatically sent to NetSuite, the need for manual reconciliation was eliminated. This streamlined process facilitated more efficient financial reporting, ensuring precise calculations and a clearer view of the company's financial health.


Bolt Today's implementation of Salesforce OMS for Finance has proven to be a crucial factor in enhancing JustFoodForDogs' financial processes and overall business performance. By addressing the challenges of delayed invoicing, tax calculations, and sales order management, JustFoodForDogs is now well-positioned for sustainable growth and continued success in the competitive industry.

The streamlined financial operations, improved cash flow, and accurate tax compliance have strengthened JustFoodForDogs' market position, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer experiences.


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