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JustFoodForDogs is a leading provider of fresh pet food, offering whole food, human-grade meals that are gently cooked to ensure superior nutrient absorption. As the #1 vet recommended fresh food, they offer vet-developed recipes that support specific health needs and promote immune system health through extensive research.

With a mission-based pricing approach, JustFoodForDogs aims to make their high-quality products more accessible to pet owners.

Project Challenges

Ensuring Accurate Tax Calculations and Auto-filing with Avalara

JustFoodForDogs encountered challenges related to tax calculations. The existing Avalara integration for tax calculation was unreliable, leading to concerns about overcharging customers and potential penalties. Accurate tax recalculation during order returns was also a pressing issue.

Payment at Settlement with Automated Returns

The payment process required customers to be charged immediately upon order confirmation, which often resulted in cash flow issues. Additionally, handling returns and refunds was a manual and time-consuming process that needed automation.

Notifications at Every Step of the Order

JustFoodForDogs aimed to enhance the customer experience by providing notifications at various stages of the order journey. They sought to keep customers informed about order status, shipment tracking, and other relevant updates.

Solutions provided by Bolt Today

Ensuring Accurate Tax Calculations and Auto-filing with Avalara

Bolt Today addressed the tax calculation challenges by fixing the Avalara integration, ensuring accurate tax calculations. Tax accuracy was extended to bundle (kit) components, providing precise taxation at every level. Furthermore, automated tax adjustments during order returns were implemented to eliminate overcharges and ensure compliance.

Payment at Settlement with Automated Returns

To optimize the payment process, Bolt Today introduced a "payment at settlement" approach. Customers were charged only upon order fulfillment, improving cash flow and reducing outstanding balances. Automation was also integrated into the returns process, ensuring accurate refunds with minimal manual intervention.

Notifications at Every Step of the Order

Bolt Today implemented a comprehensive notification system at every stage of the order journey. Customers received notifications regarding order confirmation, shipment tracking, and delivery updates, enhancing their overall experience and reducing inquiries to customer service.

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Business Benefits for the Client

Business benefits to JFFD through Salesforce OMS

Accurate Taxation and Compliance

The accurate tax calculations and automated adjustments ensured compliance and eliminated the risk of overcharging customers. This contributed to improved customer trust and reduced financial penalties.

Enhanced Cash Flow

The "payment at settlement" approach improved cash flow by charging customers only upon order fulfillment. This eliminated cash flow issues associated with immediate charges upon confirmation.

Efficient Returns and Refunds

Automated returns and refund processes streamlined operations, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors. This resulted in quicker and more accurate refunds for customers.

Improved Customer Experience

The implementation of notifications at every step of the order journey enhanced the customer experience, keeping them informed and reducing the need for inquiries. This led to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.


In conclusion, Bolt Today successfully optimized the order journey for JustFoodForDogs by addressing tax calculation challenges, implementing a "payment at settlement" approach, and enhancing the notification system.

These solutions resulted in accurate taxation, improved cash flow, efficient returns and refunds, and enhanced customer experience. With Bolt Today's assistance, JustFoodForDogs is well-prepared to deliver exceptional service to its customers while maintaining compliance and financial stability.


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