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HNL Lab Medicine is a leading full-service medical laboratory headquartered in Allentown, PA. HNL has been a prime mover in the medical testing industry for the past 20 years and provides testing and related services to physician offices, hospitals, long-term care facilities, employers, and industrial accounts. They have over fifty patient service centers in Pennsylvania and collaborate with over ten hospital systems.

HNL had a mobile sales team. It took them over five weeks to create and send quotes to customers. The customers wanted options, for which the Sales team had to create multiple quotes, which took them even more time. The process of creating a quote was complex. First, the sales team must gather various data points such as the type of tests, expected volume, number of pick-ups per week, customer support needs, home visits, etc. Then the sales team worked with the finance team to determine the discounts, and in many cases, they had to work with price points based on competitive knowledge. Due to such a complex and manual process, CFO had to approve every quote, which added time to deliver the quote to the customer.

HNL test pricing was a calculated guess based on all the above parameters, but the actual revenue was based on tests sent to them by the labs. Hence, they wanted to compare usage versus quoted data to determine if the P&L and discounts given to the customers make sense.


  • User-friendly quote creation with Mobile-First designs
  • Reduced quote lifecycle from 3 Months to 2 Weeks
  • Intelligent Auto-approval solution:
    • CFO approval is requested only for product prices below the P&L threshold.
    • Salespeople saw GREEN/ORANGE/RED markers, whereas CFO received P&L %.
    • CFO approved all the RED products or a select few by email.
  • Simplified and smooth-running Work Process for the sales team
  • A customer-centric process with multiple quote creation capability
  • 57% Faster Closing of the Deal and Better Revenue for their Business

Bolt Today’s Solutions

We delivered a simple wizard-based quote creation process that the salespeople can use on their Mobile.

We conducted deep-dive discovery sessions with multiple stakeholders. We mapped the user journeys for all types of users. Documents the requirements and the success metrics for sales, operations, finance, and the CFO.

We designed the solution with a Mobile-first approach. Removed the need for the CFO to review and approve each deal. Integrated XIFIN to connect the usage data for existing customers and calculate the actual and estimated P&L. Enabled the sales team to discount but provided them with visual feedback if the discount needed finance approval or will it need CFO approval.

The entire approval process was designed on emails and with mobile in mind. CFO was able to understand the quote details and approve/reject all or select a few discounts using email. In addition, the email had P&L calculations along with customers' estimates and past usage. This accelerated the approval process and provided more profound insight to the CFO.

The sales team used Mobile to manage the quotes and approvals and review them with the customers. This significantly shortened the quote lifecycle and improved the customer experience.

Challenges Encountered

  • Implementing Salesforce CPQ with a Mobile-first approach was challenging for this project. For example, creating and editing quotes on Mobile was not practical due to screen size.
  • Shortened Approval Life Cycle was another challenge due to the number of insights the CFO demanded, and not all data was in Salesforce.
  • Operating Approvals and quote updates over email was another challenging part of the project.

Why Bolt Today?

  • Certified Salesforce CPQ Consultants
  • We have Certified Salesforce CPQ Consultants with deep Salesforce Knowledge of diverse industries.

  • 10+ Years of Salesforce Consulting Experience
  • We know the best frameworks and practices to implement for the best business outcomes. This strategic approach has compounded with years of hands-on experience and work in Salesforce Ecosystem.

  • Design Thinking-Led Solutions
  • Every Salesforce CPQ Implementation is blueprinted from a customer-centric approach. We use design thinking practices to build customized solutions for your business and customer needs.

  • Strategic Solutions to Maximize Your ROI
  • Managing the excessive cost businesses pay for Salesforce CPQ Implementation is necessary. As your Salesforce CPQ Consulting Partner, we strategize to ensure that this pricey investment becomes an upscaling solution for your business growth and competence.

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