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TurnKey Marketing is a transformative marketing firm driven by creative and innovative solutions. Their primary business is to offer marketing services to their clients, with a focus on digital marketing channels such as websites and social media platforms.

TaskRay, a task management tool, is one of the primary tools on which TurnKey primarily relies. This tool functions as an exchange platform for numerous marketing tasks, helping the client to efficiently manage their workflow. They utilize this tool to assign work to team members, define priorities, track progress, and keep track of deadlines.

Project Challenges

TurnKey was having issues with task management and workflow efficiency. Although the tool was a Salesforce native app, the managed package pages were installed outside of Salesforce. As a result, they were having difficulty adding tedious information to the description section, which described the task's contents.

The key challenges were:

  • Task management was difficult because it required team members to manually filter through all information to find certain keywords.
  • Inefficient workflow due to tedious task creation and addition of description resulting in task completion issues.
  • As Salesforce phased out the process builder for task creation, there was a constant need to migration flows to ensure their system remains up to date.
  • The current task-creation method failed to provide clear and efficient communication between team members.

To address these issues, TurnKey wanted to build a new page with different fields where they could enter task details so that the team members may simply access and use task details, resulting in a more effective workflow.

Bolt Today’s Solutions

We designed a flow that allows the client to simply create specific tasks. This screen flow was made using Salesforce's flow builder, which allows for field customization based on the needs of the user.

Previously, the description field contained all information, making it difficult to extract relevant data. To address this issue, we developed a new set of fields into which managers and users could enter the necessary data for each type of task.

As altering the existing code to add the new fields was not possible on the task management tool, we built a custom object in Salesforce that would gather data from the additional fields and combine it with the tool so that the client could use the new features without changing their existing workflow.

The Process Builder which the client had been using was replaced by Flows in Salesforce. We assisted the client in migrating from Process Builder to Flows to ensure that their process was current and efficient.

“TurnKey Marketing noticed enhanced task management and clearer communication among team members with Bolt Today's Solutions. They were able to develop tasks more efficiently and effectively with the new workflows, which resulted in improved value for their clients.”

TurnKey’s tech team loved the way the Bolt Today team truly understood the architecture of their Salesforce, consistently brought great solutions to overcome obstacles encountered, and collaborated well day to day. The ingenuity, assistance and support Turnkey received made this transformation a happy success.


  • Automated Salesforce Flows
  • Customizable Task Fields
  • The transition from Process Builder to Salesforce Flows
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Better Collaboration

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