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Since 1884, NCR has been at the forefront of the transactions that run the world around us. From small cafés to the most sophisticated banks and retailers on the planet, NCR powers the technology that makes your every day easier. It is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and has over 34,000 employees in 160 countries, with solutions distributed in 141 countries.

NCR implemented Salesforce over ten years back, and today there are more than 1500 users across the globe. The Salesforce customizations were built over time and needed optimization to fit today’s digital mindset.

As a result, it became the focal point when the client executives decided to migrate to Salesforce Lightning. They wanted to reduce the tech debt, enhance the user experience, and generate actionable insights, making Salesforce the critical enterprise application with all thing’s customer.

The key challenges were:

  • Ten-year-old, complicated, multi-currency, multi-language Salesforce implementation with a lot of tech debt resulting in poor performance and a clumsy user experience.
  • Salespeople wasted a lot of time updating Salesforce. The processes, apps, and fields were not optimized.
  • Sales management and executives were unable to generate actionable insights from sales data.
  • Minor changes took a long time, and the cost of ownership was high.

As a result, adoption was low, sales reps hated it, and management struggled to get insights on sales and customer success.


  1. Enhanced user experience and increased adoption
  2. 40% reduction in time spent on updating Salesforce
  3. Optimized processes for different sales teams across hardware, and software sales with global personalization.
  4. Pin-point visibility to Salespeople and executive management on sales performance.

Bolt Today’s Solutions

Bolt Today used a Human-Centric Design Thinking approach that involved understanding the user experience not just from a “doing” perspective but also aligned with human behavior of thinking and feeling.

Bolt Today’s solution was centered around three aspects:

  • Make it easy for Sales-reps, reduce the time they spend updating Salesforce, and more importantly, provide them with actionable insights to do their job better.
  • Reduce the tech debt, reduce navigational complexities, improve performance, and
  • Provide insights to management, so managers can lead the discussions and help sales-reps close more business.

Bolt Today leveraged its Metrics framework, performed a deep technical analysis of current implementations, and replaced custom code with out-of-the-box Salesforce features to achieve the first two aspects.

To provide accurate insights and actionable dashboards to management, Bolt Today designed custom dashboards as shown below.


These dashboards supported multi-currency and multi-language and were rolled out to all 1,500+ sales teams across the globe. As a Salesforce implementation partner, the Bolt Today team also implemented sales performance dashboards with gamification built into them.

Challenges Encountered

  • NCR used Anaplan to perform sales incentive calculations and manually uploaded them daily.
  • Anaplan consolidated the data from other enterprise applications, including Workday, and minimal data was pushed to Salesforce. Unfortunately, this created disjointed views, and Sales-reps struggled to get adequate visibility.
  • Management depended on Excel-based reports and did not trust Salesforce data. This further reduced adoption and data quality.

Due to these challenges, Bolt Today had to work with multiple teams, define the data governance, and help decouple complex integrations. However, after defining and implementing the proper data strategy, and integration architecture, Bolt Today generated meaningful Dashboards.

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