Project Challenges

The client is a Biotechnology company and a leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) providing process development and manufacturing of biologics. The opportunity development and contract management processes are complex for CDMO providers, and many different departments are involved in ensuring compliance. The client has developed this process on SharePoint, where many departments collaborate to create quotes and contacts. It wanted to continue using SharePoint and looking for reliable Salesforce integration partner to seamlessly integrate SharePoint with Salesforce to get Customer 360 view. The sales and operations teams can have access to these documents in the right context of sales or service.

The key challenges were:

  • The Salesforce implementation was complex and highly customized
  • Due to compliance requirements, the client wanted to ensure that document visibility and access can be controlled well
  • The client did not want to duplicate the data in Salesforce and pay for additional
  • They did not want to purchase additional Salesforce licenses for SharePoint users
  • The client wanted to continue using SharePoint for process adherence

About Client

The client is a CDMO partner for life and is a leader in combining technical leadership in cell culture, microbial fermentation, and gene therapies with world-class cGMP manufacturing facilities to advance tomorrow’s medicines. The company brings over 30 years of experience in process development, scale-up, and cGMP production at four locations: College Station / Texas, USA, Hillerød / Denmark, Research Triangle Park / North Carolina, USA, and Teesside / UK.

The client teams with COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator to reserve its Denmark manufacturing capacity and provide technical expertise to deliver future COVID-19 therapies. The company will work with a selected pharmaceutical partner in supporting the swift manufacture and dedicated supply for patients with COVID-19 in lower-income countries.

Helping the pharmaceuticals to develop a rapid response to epidemics is at the core of the client’s culture.

Solution from Bolt Today

The client wanted a seamless integration with SharePoint with minimal to no change in process or user training needs.

Bolt Today designed and deployed the solution with the following features:

  • The solution was designed to take advantage of Salesforce out-of-box Files Connect functionality
  • The solution ensured that only authorized users who have access to SharePoint could view the documents. So there were no additional overheads on setup and security on the Salesforce side
  • Salesforce external objects were used to auto-synchronize the files with SharePoint. Hence extra storage was not required on the Salesforce side, saving significant about of money for the client
  • The interface was intuitive, and Salesforce users could very quickly get access to files related to the opportunities

As a Specialized Salesforce lightning consultant, Bolt Today team also built the Lightning component that can be placed anywhere on the Opportunity page, and display only the files the user had access to. The screenshot is below:


The Bolt’s SharePoint solution was flexible and extensible so that the client business can easily configure the meta-data they want to synchronize between Salesforce opportunities and SharePoint.

Benefits to the Client

  • All documents related to the opportunity were available right inside Salesforce, saving time for the users to log in to SharePoint and searching for them
  • Lower costs of ownership
  • Reduce sales cycle time
  • 100% re-use of process and regulatory compliance that the client had developed on SharePoint

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