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JustFoodForDogs is a leading provider of fresh pet food, offering whole food, human-grade meals that are gently cooked to ensure superior nutrient absorption. As the #1 vet recommended fresh food, they offer vet-developed recipes that support specific health needs and promote immune system health through extensive research.

With a mission-based pricing approach, JustFoodForDogs aims to make their high-quality products more accessible to pet owners.

Project Challenges

Fulfillment challenges

JustFoodForDogs faced challenges with their fulfillment processes, including inefficient architecture and inter-cloud communication. The existing systems lacked seamless communication between different cloud services, leading to poor fulfillment decisions. This resulted in food being shipped from distant warehouses, increasing costs, and potentially causing delays in delivery.

The lack of flexibility in fulfillment rules created obstacles for the supply chain team, who frequently needed to make rule changes but lacked control over restricting items at specific locations.

Delivery SLAs

The management of specific delivery windows for each day of the week proved to be a manual and error-prone process. 3PLs were instructed to hold orders received outside these windows, but mistakes often occurred, resulting in missed shipment notifications, appeasements, and poor customer experience.

Incorrect Bundling

The misconfiguration of bundles (kits) in the existing Commerce Cloud and enVista OMS posed challenges. The OMS system treated bundled items as individual components, leading to issues with incorrect orders and creating the need for manual reconciliation.

Web & Stores are Disconnected

JustFoodForDogs faced challenges with the disconnected customer experiences between their web and in-store channels. Web orders were shipped by 3PLs, even when customers were within the local delivery radius of a store. The lack of integration resulted in inefficiencies, discontinued BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store) functionality, and customers without online accounts needing to call stores for support.

Solutions provided by Bolt Today


Bolt Today addressed the fulfillment challenges by correcting the architecture and inter-cloud communication. This optimization allowed orders to be shipped from the nearest warehouse, reducing costs and ensuring timely deliveries.

Moreover, the implementation of Salesforce Flows, visual flow-chart-like tools, facilitated flexible fulfillment rule configuration, empowering the supply chain team to manage rule changes for various business scenarios and channel needs with ease.

Delivery SLAs

Bolt Today centralized the control of delivery service level agreements within Salesforce OMS. The new setup enabled the supply chain team to easily change and manage delivery windows through an intuitive user interface. The OMS system held orders and shared them with 3PLs only when packing and cshipping were scheduled, significantly reducing errors and appeasements.


The misconfigured bundles were reconfigured by Bolt Today, ensuring accurate synchronization between Commerce Cloud and NetSuite. The OMS system was enhanced to process bundles only after verifying inventory availability for all components at a single 3PL location. The integration of the product catalog using UPC codes streamlined the bundling process and eliminated issues with incorrect orders.

Web & Stores Connection

Bolt Today unified the customer experiences between the web and in-store channels, enabling customers to order online and pick up from stores. The new setup allowed stores to use local delivery partners for cost-effective deliveries, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Business Benefits for the Client

Business benefits to JFFD through Salesforce OMS by Bolt Today

    Improved Fulfillment and Delivery

  • Optimized fulfillment decisions and flexible rules resulted in on-time deliveries and reduced shipping costs.
  • Streamlined delivery SLAs reduced errors and appeasements, leading to an improved customer experience and profitability.
  • Enhanced Order Accuracy

  • Accurate bundling configuration reduced customer service costs and eliminated the need for manual reconciliation.
  • Automated order cancellation and refund processes for unavailable items improved accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  • Unified Customer Experience

  • The integration of web and in-store channels improved customer satisfaction and reduced shipping costs by allowing customers to pick up orders locally.
  • The introduction of BOPIS functionality enhanced convenience and attracted web customers to visit stores for potential upselling opportunities.


The implementation of Salesforce OMS by Bolt Today has yielded impressive results for JustFoodForDogs, leading to a significant and positive impact on their operations:

  • Increased P&L with optimized and flexible fulfillment, reduced shipping costs, and minimized appeasements.
  • Enhanced revenue through improved customer experience and opportunities for upselling to web customers visiting stores.
  • Streamlined processes and reduced manual interventions resulted in cost savings for the supply chain team.
  • Accurate bundling and inventory management led to improved order accuracy, reducing customer service costs and increasing operational efficiency.

With a more efficient fulfillment process, enhanced customer experience, and increased profitability, JustFoodForDogs is well-equipped for continued success and growth in the market.


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