About Client

Since 2008, CloudMD Foundation has been on the mission to help underprivileged patients provide free healthcare. It is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and provides services in Bangladesh and the United States. It has served over 9,000 patients across two chapters in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and over 1,500 patients in Atlanta, GA.

The organization was started by Dr. Aziz, a Cardiologist at Emory, and in partnership with DCI (Distressed Children and Infants) by establishing the first free clinic in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He hired local doctors in Dhaka to run the clinic, and when they needed expert help, Dr. Aziz advised them over Skype.

Project Challenges

Dr. Aziz wanted to help many more underprivileged communities and add more volunteers (Physicians).

The key challenges were:

  • The local doctors had to communicate over email to request Dr. Aziz's time, which was very ineffective.
  • All patient information was sent over email, making it hard for Dr. Aziz to analyze and consult.
  • Other physicians were interested in helping but did not want to share their email, Skype, and contact information.
  • The process was very ineffective, and Dr. Aziz was able to consult only for a few patients.
  • The USA clinic needed primary care compliant process to be followed and patient records to be maintained for at least seven years.

CloudMD wanted a scalable system that can allow other Physicians to volunteer and help consult more patients.

Solution from Bolt Today

Bolt Today was first engaged to design the EMR system along with telemedicine capabilities.

The critical aspects of the Bolt Solution are:

  • EMR built on Salesforce
  • Video conferencing capabilities integrated into the EMR
  • Physician onboarding process
  • Auto matching the Physician to the needs of the local doctor
  • Online Appointment System
  • End-to-end Primary Care Process to support OPD (Outdoor Patient Department) in Atlanta, GA
  • Patient care process
  • Support for medication and patient conditions monitoring
  • The ability for Physicians to enter SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) notes
  • Email prescriptions to Patients

Benefits to the Client

  • EMR system for Patient record-keeping and effectively leveraging Physicians time
  • No need for Physicians to share their contact information with Integrated Video conferencing
  • Along with a Virtual Patient Care System, the OPD process allowed the Atlanta clinic to operate effectively even during the COVID pandemic

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