What is the likelihood that this deal will close? The answer depends upon whom you ask. Management wants an honest fact-based insight, and this is why many companies have adopted third-party sales methodologies, or they count activities or make salespeople enter tons of data.

Yet many are struggling to get objective and actionable insights. The fundamental reason is that the way deals mature is unique to your company and business.

At Bolt, we created the deal maturity metrics that you can configure tailored to your business needs, and then it learns and grows. A true amalgamation of business needs and analytics.

How it works ?
  • It works based on your Sales process, even if you have implemented any third-party methodology.
  • You can define the deal maturity success metric.
  • Capture Sales activities using out-of-box automation, and works with existing custom/third-party automation including Salesforce automation tools
  • Analyses critical parameters such as deal velocity, customer engagement, sales team relationships, adherence to the sales process, etc.
  • Provides drill-down analytics on the deal probability number, so salespeople can understand, analyze, and progress the deal to closure.
Key Benefits
  • Define Deal Metrics based on your company‚Äôs success indicators
  • The objective analysis helps managers get rid of subjective discussions with Salespeople
  • Lower Deal slippage, and higher confidence in the forecast
  • Deal probability score removes the blind spots and helps progress deals faster
  • Deal Probability is natively built on Salesforce and leverages all existing data

We will evaluate
your needs in sales automation.