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Salesforce development lifecycle is based on the collaborative efforts of software developers and IT operations teams. DevOps integrates those efforts to improve productivity by automating code testing, workflows, and infrastructure. With our DevOps consulting and implementation services, we help you implement DevOps for Salesforce, and assist you to create an identical development and production environment that is based on the same configuration. We help you in planning, development, and delivery lifecycle from within Salesforce.

By following agile methodologies, DevOps helps developers to understand changes and their performance impact. It works as a tool that helps developers to test codes and programs. It gives them the freedom and flexibility of deployment from anywhere. With this shared platform, you can empower your admins, developers, and architects, and are able to adapt to new priorities to achieve scalable innovation and continuous growth of your business.

DevOps Consultant
Benefits of Having DevOps
  • Reduced deployment time
  • Fewer deployment problems
  • Faster time to market
  • Focused on improving business
  • Value addition to your organization
  • Ability to deploy to non-sandbox environments

Optimize your development operations with DevOps.

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery/ Deployment (CD)

CICD is an easy-to-adapt solution when you are deploying with Salesforce. It makes deliveries faster. Where Continuous Integration (CI) focuses on keeping software development lifecycle release-ready, the purpose of Continuous Deployment (CD) is to minimize the efforts required to code deployment.

As a part of CI, developers submit their codes daily into the repository. Where in Continuous Delivery, changes in the software are automatically tested and uploaded to the depository, new code changes are automatically released to live customers in Continuous Deployment. With our CICD consulting services, we ensure that the product deployment follows a quick, proper, and reliable automated process.

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Benefits of Having CICD
  • Fewer bugs in production
  • Reliable and frequently tested releases
  • Tighter feedback loops
  • User-driven development cycle
  • Faster delivery

Ensure error-free releases with CICD.