Sales teams spend countless amounts of time and effort in analyzing the pipeline and prioritizing the deals. There is no easy way, and many times they fall into the trap of following that moves, meaning if the customer is responding, the deal is important.

15% forecast falls through the crack, and salespeople do not have enough deals in the back pocket to overcome this shortfall. There is no formal way of analyzing the pipeline and highlighting the deals that have a higher potential to close.

At Bolt, we created the Pipeline Magic Quadrant, which can help you focus on the right deals with actionable insights.

The screenshot shows the Pipeline Magic Quadrant based on deal maturity, customer engagement, and relationship strengths. Further, it provides AI-led insights.

Key Benefits
  • Identify hidden deals with actionable insights
  • Configure the pipeline analysis metric based on the uniqueness of your business
  • Close more deals

We will evaluate
your needs in sales automation.