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Better Homepage that Work

Eliminate wasted time through a dynamic sales user experience. Bolt Today delivers most of the sales data needed into a single pane of glass for Sales leaders. SDRs, BDRs, and Account Managers all need specific needs to be successful and efficient. We get it done for them.

Prioritizing Pipeline Opportunities

What if you could know which deals had the best chance to close? Bolt Today can design your Salesforce so you can manage your pipeline opportunities for better results.

Less Time Navigating Salesforce

Have difficulty navigating Salesforce to get the insights that you need? Let Bolt Today design a single pane of glass for quick access to all the insights needed to make decisions.

Sales Activities

Save time avoiding bouncing between two systems and improve your data’s reliability. Find out how to automate sales activities from all of your sources.

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Automate Sales Communication

Only 40% of sales communication is logged in Salesforce. You can do better. Bolt Today connects Email, Voice and even SMS communication within Salesforce.