About Client

HNL Lab Medicine is a leading full-service medical laboratory headquartered in Allentown, Pa. The client has been a prime mover in the medical testing industry for the past 20 years and provides testing and related services to physician offices, hospitals, long-term care facilities, employers, and industrial accounts. They have over 50 patient service centers in Pennsylvania and collaborate with over 10 hospital systems.

HNL is well aware of the benefits of Salesforce CPQ (Configure Price Quote) and wanted to deploy it to quickly and accurately generate quotes for orders. This was required on priority, as their sales team couldn’t update the data while working in the field. Hence, working on the data updating seemed next to impossible on the mobile, as implementing CPQ in mobile view could complicate things much more.

As the quote been created consists of 1,000 items and editing and viewing such a huge data on mobile was again back-breaking.

The sales team was expected to deliver faster quote generation to the customer and close the deal faster. Usually, it took 4 to 5 weeks to generate the quote and send it to the customer. The cycle didn’t end there, as the customer requested changes, and iterations were expected.

Hence, the sales cycle finally ended when the customer said YES!

The first quote could be created on the computer, but if the customer requested changes, the sales team needed multiple quote options at hand. This would put the HNL in a position of immediate action and get quick approval on pricing.

The pricing cycle was also dependent on different approval levels, and hence advanced approvals had to be considered. Advanced approval included various degrees of involvement for the Vice-President, Regional Vice-President, CFO, or anyone concerned at that level.

Hence, with the horizontal and vertical approval chain, advanced approvals were critical for better and quick decision-making.

  1. Shortened Span of Approval Life Cycle from 3 Months to 2 Weeks
  2. Quick Visibility, Changes, and Approval with the Mobile View of Salesforce CPQ
  3. User-Friendly Quote Creation for Orders from Anywhere
  4. Simplified and Smooth-Running Work Process for the Sales Team
  5. Customer-Centric Process with Multiple Quote Creation and Quick Approval
  6. Faster Closing of the Deal and Better Revenue for their Business
Bolt Today’s Solutions

We delivered them a simple wizard-based quote creation that could be used for easy submission of the quote request like the simple web application they had been using.

But when the price request was submitted, we created quote line items which further landed the viewer on the quote line items screen where they could see whatever they requested. The feature allowed visibility for discounts, and they could be applied easily.

The discounts had color indications of green, yellow and red for discount limits,

  • Green for auto-approval of the line item
  • Yellow for manager level approval
  • Red for CFO or Department level approval

The visual indication helped them get a complete status review at a glance. And if the customer was in rush, negotiation would be still effective and accurate.

Even if the CFO or the Manager didn’t have time to go through the entire quote and viewing it on the mobile version was complicated. Hence, we separated those line items and highlighted them in green that required approval for getting a quick review and approval.

We implemented it in such a way that the approved items go back to the sales team and the quote can get easily revised with the Salesforce CPQ interaction in a user-friendly mobile view.

Furthermore, when the quote goes to the CFO and he/she wants to revisit actual margins for those lines and see why are the margins in a particular range.

For an instance, if red means between 0 to 8%, so predicting the margins can be difficult. Whether it 7.5% or just 2%? With the implementation of Salesforce CPQ in Mobile View, it was possible to get accurate information, respond to it quickly and reapprove it.

This reduced the approval life cycle, helping the sales team respond to the customer in a shorter period and create multiple quotes for customers’ right pick.

Challenges Encountered
  • Implementing Salesforce CPQ in Mobile view was the most difficult part of this project as the screen size was too small to give an absolute view of all those 1,000 items.
  • Shortened Approval Life Cycle by considering Advanced Approvals.
  • Eliminated hurdle of differentiation between regular pricing, discounts, and multiple quote requests by assigning Color indication.
Why Bolt Today?

With this Salesforce CPQ implementation, HNL considered us as their Strategic Salesforce Partner because of our unique approach, which saved their critical sales time, increased their visibility, and improved the ROI.

Bolt Today has greater experience and expertise when it comes to Salesforce CPQ. Being one of the best Salesforce Consulting Partners, we can assist you across the Salesforce for opportunity management, dashboards, creating well-suited sales and support processes for you right from the scratch!


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