The retail industry has experienced a monumental transformation, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers are increasingly turning to e-commerce solutions to meet their shopping needs, and this shift has accelerated the adoption of digital strategies across the retail landscape. In this context, Salesforce has emerged as a crucial ally for businesses striving to adapt to this "new normal" in retail.

Retail's Pre-COVID E-Commerce Evolution

Before the pandemic, retail was already witnessing a gradual shift towards e-commerce. However, the pandemic served as a catalyst, forcing retailers to reimagine their strategies. The closure of physical stores and lockdowns necessitated a rapid transition to online selling. Even as physical stores began reopening, e-commerce remained a significant part of the retail equation. The convenience, safety, and accessibility of online shopping became ingrained in consumer behavior, leading retailers to rethink their long-term strategies.

Supercharge Your E-commerce Strategy with Salesforce Solutions

Salesforce offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the retail and e-commerce industry.


Unified Customer Data

Salesforce gathers customer data from multiple sources - online stores, apps, social media, and in-store interactions. This unified data drives personalized marketing, improved service, and exceptional customer experiences.



Salesforce ensures consistency across web, app, social, and in-store interactions, fostering loyalty and repeat business by delivering a unified customer experience.


Integration Capabilities

Salesforce effortlessly integrates with e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, automation tools, and third-party apps, streamlining operations, breaking down data silos, and enhancing efficiency.


Order Management System

Salesforce's OMS empowers retailers to handle orders, inventory, and fulfillment effectively. It provides real-time visibility into stock, order status, and shipping details, ensuring precise and timely deliveries.

Salesforce for Retail Industry

Salesforce's offerings extend to various e-commerce models

Elevated Justfoodfordogs Retail Success Through Salesforce

Revolutionizing E-commerce for JustFoodForDogs

Bolt Today, a trusted Salesforce partner, helped JustFoodForDogs, a key player in the pet food industry, to address a series of critical challenges in their e-commerce operations. These included delayed invoicing, manual management of delivery windows, disconnected web, and in-store experiences, and issues with incorrect product bundling. Leveraging our innovative solutions, we automated the invoicing process, ensuring customers were charged at the order confirmation stage, enhancing cash flow, and simplifying refunds. By centralizing control over delivery service level agreements, we markedly reduced errors and appeasements.

Additionally, we harmonized the online and in-store customer journey, enabling seamless online ordering and in-store pickups. This holistic approach greatly improved efficiency and created a more streamlined and satisfying shopping experience.