Extraordinary Customer Service with Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Even if your service teams are working remotely, they still can work faster and more efficiently by Salesforce service cloud implementation. You can scale up your support with more accuracy. When your ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, this AI-powered customer service management software from Salesforce can help you solve customers’ issues rapidly and achieve targets in time. Also, you can easily provide one-on-one assistance to your customers.

Salesforce service cloud consultant helps you to convert your service into customer success.

See how you can make this transformation happen.

Features of
Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce service cloud lets your agents access all the information of customers at a single click with a 360-degree view.

Service cloud implementation allows you to get easy visibility of all cases, record every customer interaction, streamline the dashboard and resolve cases faster.

Service cloud comes with simple functions such as drag-and-drop with Workflow which helps to customize and automate customer service.

Automatically match cases to the suitable agent. Deliver smarter service.

The service cloud comes with the Telephony integration feature. Salesforce service cloud consultant can help you to integrate it with the most popular CTI systems to manage calls within the console and to make log notes immediately during a customer call.

Monitor your linked social media channels. Respond faster to customer posts on social media.

Implementing Salesforce service cloud can resolve customer issues efficiently by automating common, repetitive, multi-step tasks.

Service cloud implementation helps you to be prepared with the help of account and contact management when customers reach out to you with critical data about past communications.

Get real-time reports. Track cases and customer information for a 360-degree view of the customer.

Catch a complete view of customer activity with Salesforce service cloud for tracking customers’ assets, orders, support history, and more.

Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant

Automate Your Customer Support by Implementing Salesforce Service Cloud

The more your customer support and service team makes efforts to satisfy customers, the more they are getting an increased task list and less time to complete it. Implement Salesforce service cloud and spare your support teams from cliché reactive responses.

Automate your customer support processes, and save your time and effort. Maximize Productivity and Collaboration within your team with the cohesion of Salesforce service cloud implementation partner by:

  • Campaign creation
  • Customer support
  • Opportunity tracking

Make your customer support team more proactive.

Salesforce Service Cloud Customizations Bolt Today Offers

With our efficient Salesforce service cloud implementation services, our goal is to help you gear up your support team to a super-charged success team. With accurate data mapping, we proceed with the customization.

  • Integration with Sales and Community Clouds
  • Case management
  • Support team performance monitoring automation
  • Support analytics
  • Power up service console
  • Einstein bots
  • Agent workspace
  • Third-party integration

Salesforce service cloud can help you engage your customers across various platforms. Offering you a 360-degree view of all the customer activities, service cloud can aid you to deliver customized service to each customer. This will result in better customer engagement that will boost your customers' loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.

The Salesforce Lightning Console was developed with the intent of increasing agent productivity. It has agent-friendly functionality like email to case, skills-based routing, and milestone tracking. Service Cloud facilitates agents to respond to customers on every channel fast and efficiently. Agents have a key to a streamlined and instinctive interface that delivers them a 360-degree picture of their consumers with access to enterprise specialists. Moreover, the entire institution can contribute technical abilities to address a common service query.

Trust is the most essential asset of Salesforce’s customer relationships. Salesforce takes every extra mile to keep your data safe and secured. They have a multilayered approach for your data protection with constant monitoring. It also includes updating the application, systems, and procedures to maintain the authenticity of your data. And as a reliable Salesforce partner, Bolt Today also takes utmost care of your data, which is important for your company's operations and customer success.

You can analyze your service metrics and track key performance indicators essential to your business with Salesforce's custom reports and dashboards. Whether it's the customer happiness score or average handling time. You can get tailored reports for the performance of your customer engagement center, help desk, and dashboards at a glance. There's no need to wait for overcrowded IT resources while assembling your own reports and dashboards.

Salesforce service cloud can be personalized in a variety of ways. As your strategic Salesforce service cloud consultant, we'll work with you to form a comprehensive CRM customer service plan that satisfies your goals. A CRM solution that is flexible, and empowers you to innovate. The Salesforce Service Cloud has 3 Editions:

  • 1.Service Cloud Enterprise Edition: It is a complete system that supports a multichannel view of cases, CTI integration, call scripting, knowledge management, developer tools, and all under the Lightning Console.
  • 2.Unlimited Edition: Avail of over 100 admin services, online training, and 24/7 toll-free support.
  • 3.Performance Edition: You can maximize the performance of your sales and service teams across service and sales with this fully integrated sales and service solution built on the Salesforce platform.
  • With the launch of Snap-ins, Service Cloud can be directly integrated into the apps and websites of your business. Snap-ins allow your organization for using our SDKs to develop quicker, more suitable, custom-made, and integrated consumer experiences. Knowledge, Case Management, Chat, and SOS can be incorporated via snap-ins. With Snap-ins, your organization can have all of Service Cloud Lightning's features instantly on your app or website.

    Salesforce service cloud enables you to extend your service processes to suit your company's needs and customers' expectations, as it works with back-office software. You can develop new products on this platform that provides enterprise security, reliability, and scalability. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) has also become easy, with service cloud compatibility with all major phone systems.

    Customize your Service Cloud and deliver prompt customer support.