About Client

Vintage Broncos, who specialize in the modernization of 1966-1977 classic Ford Broncos, experienced issues in managing their sales procedures, invoicing, and overall operational effectiveness. It allows its customers to select personalized components such as the chassis, color, seat cover, and car body for their Bronco.

Vintage Broncos sought the help of Bolt Today to overcome these challenges and improve their operations. The goal was to simplify their business procedures and offer a full, automated solution.

Project Challenges

Manual Processes: To manage sales procedures such as quoting, proposal production, and invoicing, the company documentation relied significantly on bulky paperwork and offline activities. As a result, the modernization process was inefficient, resulting in errors, and delays.

Lack of an Online Portal: Due to the absence of an online portal, the customer couldn't have a great user experience while personalizing the car, making payments, and tracking the car's progress. To improve the customer experience and streamline operations, a simple and automated solution was required.

Inefficient Invoicing: Vintage Broncos used QuickBooks for invoicing, but they had difficulty in efficiently integrating it into their complete sales process. They needed a streamlined and automated invoicing solution that worked smoothly with their sales processes.

Bolt Today’s Solutions

Lead Capture Automation: Bolt Today used web-to-lead functionality to gather leads from various sources, including their social media campaigns and website. The sales management team was able to receive email notifications whenever a new lead was created, allowing for rapid follow-up and engagement.

Community Portal Development: Being an experienced Salesforce community cloud consultant, we created a customized community portal where the Vintage Broncos' clients could view a gallery of car photos, choose car components, and personalize their vehicles. Custom objects were created to hold master data such as chassis details, colors, body types, and tires, which were then displayed in the portal for customers to choose from.

Customer Account Creation: With the implementation of the User Registration Process Vintage Broncos' team created user accounts on behalf of consumers. Customers received email notifications with login credentials to visit the portal and track the progress of their car's construction after creating an account.

Automated Invoicing: The portal assisted in the creation of automatic invoicing depending on the automotive components chosen. Customers could download the bills, make initial payments, and track their payment milestones as the car was being manufactured. Email notifications were set up to keep clients updated on the status of their car at each stage.


  • Streamlined Sales Processes:
  • Automation increased efficiency and eliminated errors.

  • Improved Customer Experience:
  • User-friendly online portal for personalization and real-time car progress updates.

  • Increased Invoicing Efficiency:
  • Simplified invoicing processes for more accurate and timely transactions.

  • Time and Cost Savings:
  • Manual paperwork is eliminated, and operations are streamlined.

  • Increased Customer Engagement:
  • Better communication and more personalized experiences.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency:
  • Process simplification leads to increased productivity resulting in better delivery of service.

  • Seamless Integration:
  • Efficient system integration for a consistent sales ecosystem.

  • Data Accuracy:
  • Improved data management and error reduction.

The client successfully optimized their car modernization procedures, from lead capture through billing, with our automation solutions. The addition of the community portal, automated invoicing, and email notifications improved the overall customer experience and operational efficiency. Allowing Vintage Broncos to focus on delivering high-quality vintage cars with a great customer experience.


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