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zPaper helps healthcare organizations bridge the gap between traditional and digital channels while connecting documents to the 360-degree view of patients in Salesforce.

Allison Smith, Director of Customer Experience and IT at zPaper, sought help from Bolt Today to create clear communication channels between CSMs and customers. She found her team unable to keep up with the questions and concerns of their clients, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic led to remote work.

Project Challenges

The key challenges were:

  • The phone was the most used way by customers to contact zPaper for support, meaning CSMs were not always available. zPaper implemented a 3rd party answering service that spoke to customers, but resulted in a terrible customer experience.
  • No easy way to communicate with customers without CSMs being tied up on the phone.
  • Too small of a team to handle inbound Webchat.
  • Too much time was spent updating cases that did not capture the true sentiment of the customers.
  • COVID-19 resulted in CSMs using their cell phones to connect with customers about their concerns.

Bolt Today’s Solutions

Bolt Today was first engaged to complete the AWS Connect setup as the cloud telephone system for the zPaper.

Following this integration, zPaper was able to see its customer support department transform into a customer success department with the new capabilities, such as:

  • Capturing all call recordings and logging the call transcripts to reduce the amount of time CSMs spent entering data manually.
  • SMS capability built into the Salesforce1 Mobile App.
  • Customization of Webchat to be outbound only, allowing CSMs to send a personalized link to the client as the need arises.
  • Call recordings can be played right from the Service console.
  • All CSMs have their zPaper allocated mobile number, i.e., no use of personal phones.

zPaper's success team experienced a 21.75% decrease in cases following solutions implemented by Bolt Today.

Transform customer support into customer success screenshots:


These solutions aided zPaper's customer support team's transition to a customer success team, allowing CSMs to focus on proactive methods of aiding success.

The outcomes that the customer success team experienced were significant, including:

  • Reduced time spent updating data in Salesforce.
  • CSMs can Build a personal rapport with the clients without revealing their personal mobile numbers.
  • Better customer experience by avoiding third-party answering service.
  • Advanced capabilities that can route SMS if the CSMs are out-of-office.

zPaper also instated a pay-as-you-use model that allows clients to pay for additional services and know exactly what to expect from the customer success team.

Bolt Today played an integral part in this transition, notably by giving zPaper the capability to gather all forms of communication with clients straight into Salesforce.

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