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About Client

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is the world’s largest NGO school meal program, providing hot, nutritious lunches to over 1.8 million children in 19,257 schools across India every day. It has served over 3.3 Billion meals to date and operates 60 ISO-certified kitchens.

Akshaya Patra Foundation has been using Salesforce for over a decade, and there have been many Salesforce administrators who have helped configure and customize Salesforce for their needs. However, due to the high turnover of SF administrators and lack of documentation, Salesforce could not meet Akshaya Patra’s business needs.

Akshaya Patra executives and business development managers (BDMs) use last year’s donations as the baseline and reach out to donors to ask them to renew their pledges. However, Salesforce could not represent donor relationships across Households, Corporate Matching, chapter associations, and donations raised through events and campaigns.

Furthermore, it had duplicate data and a lack of integrations with payment gateways and the QuickBooks accounting system. Hence, BDMs had to depend on their version of Excel sheets, and executives had no real baseline to set targets.


  1. NPSP Setup & configuration that represented accurate donor relationships
  2. Accurate donation information for individual donors, corporate matching, and through campaigns and events
  3. Deduplication of data and data governance strategy to keep data clean
  4. Automation and Integrations that increased data accuracy and reduced manual efforts
  5. Executive dashboards with accurate and real-time information about donors, BDMs activities, Campaigns, and events

Bolt Today’s Solutions

As a strategic Salesforce NPSP Consultant, we used an Outcome-driven approach to identify and document key stakeholders’ business success metrics by:

  • First analyzing the existing Salesforce setup and identify gaps across business processes, NPSP setup, data-model, and security setup.
  • Conducting focused stakeholder workshops to document requirements and expected outcomes
  • Understood the Integration needs and analyzed third-party APIs to create integration architecture

The NPSP data model required fundamental change, which impacted the entire data and donor relationships. So full copy sandbox was used first to clean up data using custom scripts and then re-loaded it leveraging the NPSP data upload tool.

Integrations were set up with all required field mapping to capture clean and accurate data. In addition, attention was given to donation credits, especially for corporate matching, to generate accurate reports.

Finally, data governance, access control, and automation were set up to ensure clean data can be maintained, and manual tasks can be reduced.

Challenges Encountered

  • The data size was huge, so manually deduping it was not possible. Instead, Bolt Today had to understand the deduping logic and write custom scripts. Scripts took a long time to run and needed multiple iterations to get the data right.
  • Donor relationships and corporate matching is done differently than what NPSP can handle out of the box, so Bolt Today had to write custom logic in a way that will not impact any of NPSP’s data model and functionalities.
  • Not all third-party integrations met the needs of Akshaya Patra, and a lot of time and energy was spent getting it right.

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