Salesforce NPSP Consultant

With a relationship-first approach, Salesforce offers Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) (previously known as Nonprofit Starter Pack) for Nonprofits. It’s an easy-to-use fundraising as well as constituent management application. With its different features, you can connect constituents on a single platform, empower your staff and volunteers, and take a 360-view of donors. The package utilizes standard objects which can be further customized.

Bolt Today is reliable Salesforce NPSP consultant, you can always reach us for the best practices, implementation, integration, and customization of NPSP.

Are your strategies helping you in fundraising?


Offer a shared view of all of your constituents including fundraisers, marketing teams, program managers, and leaders. Enable teams to connect, communicate, and manage the most important relationships.

Track different types of programs and services regardless of the complexity with Program Management features.

Capture real-time income data related to supporter profiles in one place. Manage recurring gifts to better support your donors.

Measure your fundraising performance. Report insights to your supporters.

Cleanse and clarify your data, and make it accurate and reliable. Prepare all donation data for your financial systems with Accounting Subledger.

NPSP implementation
Automate Your Nonprofit Processes with NPSP

Your Nonprofit organization has immense data regarding individual donors, their households, and the companies they work for. Handling all this data and related processes becomes a heavy task once the information starts growing from each end. Automating the processes of your Nonprofit can save you a lot of time and effort. It helps get your staff to focus on programs rather than reporting and administration. With the following automations, you can offer a more personalized experience to your major donors and volunteers, and deepen your engagement with them:

  • Email campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • Donation campaigns
  • Self-serving dashboards for donors

Get real-time information on your constituents.

NPSP Customizations
Bolt Today Offer

As your constituents increase in numbers, the urge to customize your NPSP grows side by side. As your Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack Consultant, we understand your requirements and mold your data into an NPSP form. Before implementing NPSP, one needs to understand the account model of NPSP. As a strategic Salesforce partner, we analyze the compatibility of your existing process and carry out the data cleaning and data migration with utmost care. We excel in customization of:

  • Standard objects
  • Custom codes
  • Marketo and HubSpot integrations
  • Payment gateway integrations

Optimize fundraising and program activities.