Salesforce for Nonprofits

Salesforce for Nonprofits is an end-to-end platform created to increase your employee effectiveness to maximize revenue and impact. It helps NGOs broaden their digital reach and strengthen relationships with donors and stakeholders.

With Salesforce for Nonprofits, you can easily organize internal operations by keeping track of all the activities and eliminating silos between fundraising, program management, marketing, and technology teams.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud integrates all your organization functions, from donors and their relationships to marketing and engagement, program management, and Donation management. Many organizations start their journey with Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), a matured industry-standard data model to help manage your income streams, grants, and programs.

Salesforce offers the first ten licenses for FREE under the Power of Us Program

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Salesforce Solutions for Nonprofits

For a nonprofit organization, conducting business with openness, accessibility, and financial transparency is overwhelming. Salesforce solutions for nonprofits can help organizations automate these procedures so their employees can do more with less, deliver robust programs, grow revenue, and maximize impact.

  • Simplify donations for donors and enable them to donate through various payment methods. Gather information from all interactions to get a donor-360 view.
  • Streamline the processes to identify, cultivate, engage, and secure donations.Streamline the processes to identify, cultivate, engage, and secure donations. Standardizing and automating fundraising will increase their productivity, help them with data-driven insights, and allow them to spend more time with donors.
  • Furthermore, Nonprofit fundraising solutions can improve channel performance and operationalize direct mail procedures using segmentation and source codes.
  • Get to know your donor community better and cater to their needs. Utilize Salesforce Marketing tools to present a unified brand of your organization to your donors and hyper-personalization interactions.
  • Educate your members about ways they can help the cause and provide them with updates about the impact of their contribution.
  • Establish the digital footprint to engage donors with the cause and retain them for long-term recurring donations.
  • Improve your program delivery by understanding and prioritizing the participant's needs to improve services and activities.
  • Building trust requires personalized care. The Program management module gives you a better way to handle requests on a large scale and meet donor demands.
  • Enable participants to get involved and help you drive the program to success. Provide access anytime from anywhere and offer a helpline to handle crises or stakeholder needs.
  • Fundraising is your primary objective, but an emotional connection with donors is critical. Donor care about the cause and the impact of their donations. Build relationships that can drive impact by managing giving from one system.
  • Personalize communication and enable collaboration within your teams. Send information to stakeholders, donors, and team members.
  • Finally, understand the impact on outcomes so you can target ideal grantees and manage funding needs.
  • Automate your non-profit operations and manage all types of data from one place.
  • Utilize the pre-built reports and dashboard templates of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to get insights. With CRM Analytics, you can identify opportunities, forecast results, and receive suggestions within your CRM.
  • Ensure that your data is connected across channels by using a wide range of tools to connect to external nonprofit database systems like AWS, Stripe, PayPal, and others.
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Why Choose Us As Your Salesforce Nonprofit Consultant?

NPSP Set-up with an Outcome-driven Approach

Bolt Today's Configuration and NPSP setup services can build accurate donor relationships with reduced manual operation. As your Salesforce nonprofit implementation partners, we provide a simplified understanding of all desirable metrics through executive dashboards with real-time activity data.

Data Governance Strategy for Clean Data

We provide a strategic framework that lets you connect your data, people, and processes with seamless data migration. Taking care of the compatibility with your existing processes, Bolt Today is a Salesforce nonprofit consultant that help cleans your data and ensure it is maintained clean by setting up Data Governance across the internal teams.

Strategic NPSP Solutions to Boost Fundraising

Increase your fundraising with our nonprofit Salesforce consulting solutions for integrated online campaigns. Experience improved donor conversion with our simplified grant application solution. We curate dashboards to track cash flow and prospecting outreach so you can take timely action to meet your targets.

Bolt Today's NPSP Customizations

We understand and document all your needs as your Salesforce nonprofit consulting partner. As a strategic Salesforce partner, we configure and customize using the Salesforce-First approach. We can help you build integrations to the payment gateway, marketing automation tools like Marketo and HubSpot, and your internal enterprise applications like QuickBooks.

Power Your Fundraising with Strategic NPSP Implementation.

Customers Say


It is a program that applies to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations to get ten complimentary subscriptions to Sales & Service Cloud Enterprise Edition. There are no setup fees for signing up. Nonprofits receive a significant discount on more licenses or any other Salesforce products. It is easy to find out if your organization qualifies before you apply.

NPSP is a free package that Salesforce offers that you can download and install. Salesforce has implemented all the best practices you need to run your business. Efforts to customize Sales Cloud and to maintain it can become expensive. However, there can be scenarios where you may not need NPSP, and it is recommended to talk to reach out to us for advice.

NPSP is part of the nonprofit cloud. NPSP provides the data architecture that sits on top of Sales Cloud and is pre-configured for the use cases most nonprofits need, such as donation management, Household model, Accounting units, etc. The nonprofit cloud, on the other hand, provides much more. It provides a complete set of Salesforce products, such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Communities, etc., to address the technology challenges that nonprofits face.